Inventory Financing For
Amazon Sellers

Save money and avoid debt by leveraging Upfunds’ unique Amazon lending system.

Merchant financing with no payments until your inventory is shipped and starts selling

Unlike Amazon loans you pay off debt soon as the product sells, so you stay clean out of debt.

Low Flat Rate Fee Compared to an APR based Amazon FBA loan

Upfund’s Unique Solution

We understand loans for amazon sellers will be needed to maintain inventory levels on Amazon, so Upfund’s unique consignment system allows you to pick up more funds for the next round of inventory purchases as soon as sales start rolling in from the first, no refinancing required.

Unlike traditional Amazon loans for merchants, UpFund requires you to start paying back only after you’ve started selling your inventory. This prevents you from having to borrow more than you need and keeps you out of debt.


Kevin Rizer

“ is where smart sellers go for amazon small business loans. Getting funding is fast, easy and Simple. There’s no other lender that fits the Amazon business model like a glove!”


“Thanks to UpFunds amazon lending program, I was able to overcome temporary cash flow issues and stock up on critical Q4 inventory. The Amazon business loan from Upfund has no paperwork, fast approval, and very competitive rates.”


“Product based businesses are truly a “capital game” and without Amazon small business lending it’s difficult to go from $1000 to $1.3 million. UpFunds amazon capital services enabled me to raise the needed capital to dramatically scale my business.”

How UpFund Works?

UpFund works in 3 easy steps


Connect with your Amazon Account

Connecting your Amazon account enables us to retrieve your sales history and evaluate your business performance


Get a decision instantly

You’ll immediately be offered an amount based on the strength of your sales.


Raise Funds In minutes

Funds go directly to your bank account to fund your inventory purchase.

Instant decision - no obligation