A Look into Amazon Prime Now’s Quick Delivery System…

Ever heard of Amazon Prime Now?

You may have not because it is believed that Amazon is deliberately keeping it a hush-hush because it is still working to ramp up its offers and to further improve its delivery system (the fastest to date).

Amazon Prime Now is a quick (2 hours) and free delivery service by Amazon.com. The service that was initiated in 2014 from just one zip code of New York has now spread to eight countries and 45 cities: 14 cities were added to the list this year only.

Wants to know how Amazon manages to deliver so fast?

We visited one of the company’s hubs in Seattle, its hometown to find out how Amazon workers manage to be so efficient.

What we found is a super efficient team, as expected, that speed up the process by considering the shopping trends in Seattle and, on the basis of the trends, predicting what people are going to buy.

Amazon Prime Now does not offer a whole lot of products. The free 2 hour delivery option is available for unlimited variety of household items, but only to Amazon’s prime members.

Hubs of Amazon Prime Now are located close to the city, as opposed to huge fulfillment centers of Amazon.com. They are also comparatively smaller in size.

With the help of internal catalog system that not only tells where a particular item is stored, but also tells the best and quickest way to put together all the items of an order, the workers manually prepare the orders.

Amazon Prime Now receives most orders around 6 to 7 pm (these are their busiest hours).

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