Everyone Shops on Amazon. We Help You Invest In What You Buy.

UpFund.io is a consignment crowdfunding platform for Amazon sellers and investors. Investors purchase product for manufacturing on behalf of Amazon sellers and Amazon sellers sell the merchandise while sharing profits. It’s built on the age-old consignment model. We service Amazon merchants who have a thriving business and who are able to confirm their revenue while meeting the demand of our investors wishing to receive returns on their money.

UpFund.io is a team of passionate technology entrepreneurs, well experienced in Amazon selling and technology. The team started working on their Amazon FBA business in June of 2015, by December, the business had already generated $250K in revenue and was growing fast. That’s when we realized how difficult it was to get funded. Banks and other existing solutions are not built to handle the unique e-commerce underwriting along with the growth trajectory Amazon businesses typically experience. This is when we decided to build a platform specifically for Amazon Merchants and investors seeking a common goal.


Will Moffett
Zeeshan Javaid
UI/UX Designer
Zulfiqar Ali
Senior Software Developer
Mishi Akin
Savneet Singh