Amazon is massively discounting Prime membership…

TechCrunch reports. It’s no secret. The two competing businesses are trying their best to take on each other’s strong points. Lately, Wal-Mart is targeting Amazon Prime by providing free delivery on the shipment of various items within two days. Amazon on the other hand has begun offering cash payments on delivery to its customers. Further, Amazon has reduced its Prime membership fees for people who are on government assistance. There seems to be no end to the indiscriminate land-grab between these two juggernauts.

For Amazon Sellers: Even more prime users! For the lower end of the market, price is even more of an issue. One strategy might be: target the lower end of the market with a specific set of keywords. It remains to be seen how lower income Prime members will change the ecosystem. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Amazon is massively discounting Prime membership…”

  1. I wish I saw this a few days ago… Just got hit with a $107 charge cuz i wanted free shipping on a $10 package

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