Amazon lends $1 Billion to Amazon sellers….

Reuters reports that Amazon has lent $1 Billion to Amazon sellers in the past 12 months. More than 20,000 sellers have accepted money from Amazon lending and half have taken a second loan from Amazon. Amazon sellers say the interest rates are between 6 and 14% and the loan amounts range from $1,000-$750,000. Amazon hopes the lending will keep Amazon sellers growing, with competition such as eBay and Walmart near; they want sellers to grow their businesses faster than ever. Traditional lenders such as banks shied away from small merchants after the 2008 financial crisis which created the opportunity for Companies such as Amazon and Upfund to fund Amazon sellers. Amazon Lending is invite only and they plan to lend across many countries in time.

For Amazon Sellers: Upfund compares quite favorably against Amazon lending. Compared to 50% of their borrowers returning, sees a whopping 80% of sellers return to continue receiving funding with us.

The reason is quite simple. makes money when you sell more product. No payments are required when product is being manufactured, and as soon as inventory is sold, the funds are all paid back, leaving you free and clear of an on-going mountain of debt. Check out our Seller’s Debt Trap article to learn more about how Upfund is different from Amazon lending and others.

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