Deal between Amazon and PayPal – A New Challenge for eBay…

We all know that PayPal is not in the list of Amazon’s payment methods. But, here’s good news for more than 188 million PayPal users all over the world. Amazon and PayPal have recently signed a deal after which the PayPal balances can be used to pay for the purchases made on Amazon.

This agreement comes as a bad news for eBay as it is posed with a new challenge.

Reports about a possible agreement between the two giants of online marketplace were making rounds since January, this year, when the CEO of PayPal Dan Schulman hinted towards it while talking to Bloomberg. He said that conversations were going on between him and Amazon.

PayPal has now even started offering Amazon gift cards that comes as a surprise to a large number of people because it seemed impossible when PayPal was owned by eBay. PayPal users were informed about this new development via an email from the company, last week. The email’s subject line was:  “ Gift Cards are here”.

However, these gift cards are not available on PayPal’s gift stores on eBay; not surprising at all!

According to the email, gift cards worth $25, $50 and $100 are available.

This deal is beneficial for Amazon as its customer base will definitely increase, but keeping in view Amazon’s progress towards Amazon Pay, there are concerns whether the agreement is favorable for PayPal in the long run? Only the future holds answer to this!

While many are celebrating the news, it is not a great one for eBay.

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