Amazon Stock Has Just Crossed An Important Milestone…

What do $1,000, $478 Billion, $500,000, and Amazon have in common? A lot, Amazon’s stock just surpassed $1,000 a share. That means Amazon is officially worth $478 billion (Market Value). To put things into perspective… back in 1997, if you had invested just $1,000 in the online book retailer, you would be looking at a value of $500,000 today. Not only has Amazon defied Wall Street, but it is also now worth double the market value of Walmart and 15 times that of Target. When we do the math over here at the UpFund headquarters, that my friends is a lot of money.

Amazon even beat Alphabet, Google’s parent company, to the $1000 plateau as it pertains to Class A shares.

What this means for sellers
This is fantastic news for Amazon sellers. More and more people are shopping for goods on the e-commerce behemoth, and signing up to Amazon Prime to avail themselves of one-click shopping. Really, the only thing one needs to do is provide the constant inventory of merchandise, and Jeff Bezo’s money making machine will do the rest.
It’s already a well known fact that Amazon has caused long time mainstays like Macy’s, Borders, and RadioShack to close many of their physical locations.

Of course, this also means there are more competitors lining up to start selling on Amazon. Those who build a strong brand on the platform will stand to reap rewards of it for a long time. Also, expanding to multiple products (at least 10 or more is recommended) is another way to separate your business from the hoards of new competition that are quickly entering this sprawling ecosystem.

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What is is the smartest funding source around for Amazon sellers. Grow your business with OPM (Other People's Money) without getting trapped in debt.