Amazon Launches Smartphones, this time for real…

TechAdvisory reports that Amazon is launching a new phone. Of course they were going to start making smarter-phones, this is Amazon we’re talking about. To be more precise, Alexa and phone all in one. The Fire Phone was its first attempt – this time I’m betting it’ll be a hit..

What will it do?
The system will link a mobile number to the Alexa devices. In addition to all of the futuristic stuff one could imagine, it will allow for incoming calls, the ability to answer calls via smart speaker and place calls by giving commands to Alexa.

Why does this matter to you?
As a business owner, this means you’ll pretty much have your very own A.I. powered electronic assistant at your “beck and call”. It won’t need lunch breaks, vacation time, or sick leave. Amazon has in essence found a better way to help you become a more efficient seller, and e-commerce kingpin. It’s VoIP for your business, but on steroids, making it easier to find business contacts, screen calls, set conference calls hands free, or ask questions pertaining to effective business strategies. All you will have to do is give the command or ask.

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